What is Scholarly Writing?

Writing, even just a little paper or essay is a difficult task for every student. If you want to write clearly and understandable — you should practice. Scholarly writing has its own rules that should be followed by all students. So, if you were assigned to write a scholarly paper and you don’t know what is scholarly writing you are welcomed to acquaint yourself with the main recommendations and points of this type of work.

What is Scholarly Writing? Main Recommendations.

Remember that your introductory paragraph should catch the attention of the reader. You should choose such theme that will be interesting not only for you but for you audience. If you don’t know how to select the appropriate topic you may make a little poll among your audience and find out the preferences of the reader. Write the thesis statement of your work. It should appear in the introductory paragraph and consists of one or two sentences.

Background Information

If one wants to have an effective scholarly paper he or she should provide the background information. This is the basic material that will help you to support your main ideas and thoughts. The spectacular scholarly paper should contain the points of discussion. It means that you should have some paragraphs to support the thesis statement. The actual number of all these points will depend on how much the author is willing to say.

What is Scholarly Writing? How to Write the Conclusion?

Remember if you want to have a great scholar paper your conclusion paragraph should flow slowly from the main part of the work. In the conclusion you are welcomed to summarize everything that was written above in your paper.

Things that you should Avoid in the Scholar Writing

There are number of some significant points that you should avoid in your scholar writing.

  • Contractions
  • First or Second Person
  • Passive Voice
  • Incomplete Sentences
  • Slang
  • Imprecise Language
  • Excessive Wordiness
  • Words Out of Proper Proximity
  • Excessive Quotation
  • Plagiarism
  • Dumb Mistakes

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